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    Here for Fun! If you wanna play and have a pet, hit me up! How it started: 2003, after my divorce for obovious reasons... I became more Kristy My inner pent up slut was constantly looking for relief. XXX Theaters, Walking around Truckstops, Gloryholes, ABS's and of course the Gay/Alt Clubs! One night a few years ago a redneck neighbor caught me comming home after a party. My stockings were shreaded, cum in my hair, skirt gone and me in a thong and tank top. It was 4am, I don't know why he was up. But he was up and before I got past his house, he stopped me on the street. I'll admit I looked like a used cheap slut. But when He stopped me and grabbed my slut collar, then smacked my ass and said, Your Mine Tonight, I own you! I'm thinking ok I'll give this guy a BJ, or let him fuck me and go home. He walks me to his gate where I hear heavy panting, and it opens his Pitt is sitting. I think nothing as he says to get on my knees and take my thong off. Let get this over with. We're 10' off the road, behind some hedges when he kneels down puts his dick in my mouth. His dog is excitlingy sniffing a licking all around my ass and balls. I Moaned too much! As he slaps my back, shoving his cock in my mouth I feel his dogs chest on my back. I can feel the hot squirts of cum as he tries to mount me, still not trying to give in. My butt is tight as he's stabbing all around it, until my owner smacks both my asscheeks, and spreads them apart! 2 or 3 pokes was all his dog needed to find my hole. I couldn't breath at first, it was so hot inside my ass and humping so fast, so unlike any human. It was kinda dog rape, but I was beginning to enjoy it, until the knot! At first it just seemed a little bigger then the 7-8"'s of doggie cock, but it grew! After several times slamming at my hole his tennis ball size knott entered my ass and got even bigger! My owner slapped my face and told me to shut up and suck his dick! What choice did I have? His dog had slowed down but was locked in my butt, I could feel the heat from his cum filling my insides. I was whinning like a little bitch ever time the dog moved, he was trying to turn. It hurt in a good way. Once ass to ass it was just a constant throbbing, the heat from his dogs cock had me dripping. 10' from the street I gave some straight redneck bully an amazing blowjob and let his dog fuck me! We played every couple weeks for 2 years until he moved.

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