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    Hello, you may call me Chamberlain, or Grimweld, however you prefer. I am a 26 year old guy just cruising the internet for knowledge, entertainment, and when possible, self betterment. I found this site mostly by accident but was glad to see a seeming community such as this one. However i am always the cautious sort, i havnt taken the time to get to know this site and am as per usual the skeptical type. Meaning i havnt decided whether i think this whole profile and uploaders are a scam or front. For what? This is the world wide web, it could be any reason. So either way i decided to make a profile. I doubt that ill meet any real people on here, that doesn't mean i don't hope i meet some friends anyway. So im here. Not much more to say there, so hey, ill be around if anyone feels like sayin hello. Im loaded with personality but im more of a one on one type of guy so rather i i would love to hear back from somebody. And you know since this is a porno site filled with perverts, weirdos, any likely folks too young to be looking at these types of sites i also really wanted put this on here for any of you freaks, fraks, friends, and fruits: I would guve anything to have a massive dog cock dangling between my legs, i envy the canine species and their clearly superior phallus`. Imagine having your woman tight up on your cock so that the two of you are bound together by pulsating flesh and an almost endlessly flowing fount of cum. And the rock hard knot, with its blues and reds, pulling out slowly after you begin to gradually deflate inside her. When around this time, though the two of you are exhausted she still has the urge to clench onto your knot with her pelvic muscles as to not let you escape her warm sex until she has milked every drop from you and feel all the way to the last pulses of your blood engorged member, greedily to have every instance of ecstacy possible. Yeah i wish that could be me.

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